Typical Examples for the Use of a Portable Smoke Stopper 

multi-story residential building:

Entrance door of an appartment.




Most windows will be open in summer and therefore positive pressure ventilation will be difficult.

School Building:

It is important to prevent the smoke from traveling into the escape routes (corridor and stairways).

Home for elderly people:

A smoke filled corridor must be prevented..


A smoke filled corridor must be prevented..


The installation of a smoke stopper is possible even in these wider doors


Smoke should not be able to spread into the corridor.


Nice architecutre - but no chance for PPV.

Only a smoke sopper can prevent smoke entering the hall and leading to big damage

Office buildings:

Nice architecture - but smoke out of a room fire can travel through multiple storeys. Often not an easy scene for fire crews to deal with ...

Parking garage underground:

The stairway is protected against smoke and this leads to less risk for fire fighters ensuring a smoke free escape route.



Problems in Buildings:

Missing doors - not only during the construction time.


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