typical examples from real fire calls are shown below,
the portable smoke stopper was successfully used in these fires:

(and for all the people who found the way to this webside, but have still the opiniion,
that a portable smoke stopper for fire fighters is not mandatory  ...:
please imagine the situation shown on the following pictures without the use of a
portable smoke stopper ... and think about what you would think about the work
of the fire crew if this was your house ...)


Keep the stairway free of smoke in a multi-storey house

Making the stairway a safe place and ensuring the rescue operation for people was the
original use in mind when developing the portable smoke stopper.
Because this is a very essential job for fire crews, we should be able to do it.




Prevent smoke movement in big buildings

two examples of fires in shools are shown below ...
but this would be similar to hospitals and housing for elderly people




Simple aid for enforced ventilation

if the ventilator for positive pressure ventilation is not far enough from the entrance door
the portable smoke stopper is a simple aid leading to a more powerful ventilation.

less space in front of an entrance door

less space in front of a door to an appartment
(Flur, Treppenabsatz)
the portable smoke stopper prevents backwards smoke flow in the upper part of the door

more effective ventilation using different kinds of ventilators



Inner doors in appartments: effective reduction of smoke damage!

Small fires in appartments also produce large amouts of smoke. Using a portable smoke stopper
it is possible to minimize the smoke damage in appartments. If the door to a room in fire is closed,
the use of a portable smoke stopper is also very useful at an inner door in the appartment - as you
can see in the following pictures ...




Fire in a basement: keeping the stairway free of smoke

Basement fires are often critical because there are less openings to get rid of the smoke.
To prevent smoke from entering the stairway a portable smoke stopper is a very powerful

Door from the stairway to the basement ...  and from the basement floor to a storage room


Portable smoke stopper in the
door in the basement of a private house



Stairway is already full of smoke - how to get rid of it?

If the stairway is already full of smoke the big question for fire crews is how to get rid of the problem.
This is often necessary to help evacuate people. The usage of a portable smoke stopper reduces the smoke
flow into the stairway and together with a portable ventilator the stairway can be safe again in only a few
minutes. This helps to safe lives!



Prevent smoke damage in stairways

The following picturs shows an entrance door from a stairway to an appartment. The Usage
of a portable smoke stopper prevented smoke damage in the stairway nearly totally. The smoke
damage prevented by this obvious ...



Prevent smoke and dust damage in an appartment

The following picture was taken during a fire at an exhaust chimney from a small stove.
The usage of a portable smoke stopper in the entrance door to the room reduces smoke
damage - but also the damage because of dust and dirt develops while opening the wall.
In this fire there was time enough to mount the portable smoke stopper, cover the floor with
a plastic fibre and take all the electrical equipment away ...
the result was a house with a minimum damage - and this also leads to an big image gain for
fire crews... 



Black-White-Separation on fire scenes

Every thought about marking the black and white areas during a house fire?
Who defines the frontier between black and white areas?
Whtie areas do not need to be damaged by smoke, dust and dirt!
The reduction of damage is judged when fire crews leave the scene - so all of
our work prevents (or leads to) smoke damage.
The Usage of a portable smoke stopper reduced fire damage already in hundreds of
calls. The following picture shows that this also works for the police ...