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Is there more literature available?

How to store it in a fire truck?

How is it fixed to hose boxes?

What sizes are available?

How do I have to clean it after a usage?


Literature for the portable smoke stopper


in German:

rotes Heft / Ausbildung kompakt 212
"Mobiler Rauchverschluss"

ISBN -13 978-3-17-019581-3



How is it stored in fire trucks?



The storage in a fire truck depends
 on the type of usage

If the first attack crew should use it, it should be stored with the hoses of the first crew. .







If the portable smoke stopper ist used as a "special tool for specific situations"
the storage can be anywhere in the truck.






How can I fix it tto the hose boxes?


Because of the different kinds of hose boxes this need an individual answer.
Most departments found an easy solution according to their situation.




What size has the portable smoke stopper?



Developed and designed for normal residential houses:

    => Standard: 68 to 118 cm






For special houses like hospitals there are bitter versions:
XL:  91 to 140 cm
XXL:  91 to 150 cm




How do I have to clean it after a usage in smoke?


After a usage in smoke the fibre class material has to be cleaned
using soap water. Machine wash is not possible.

If the fibre class material is affected to heat or if the material is damaged,
the fibre glas material has to be replaced.