Portable Smoke Stopper



Door before Installation of a Portable Smoke Stopper

This picture shows an entrance door to an appartment with s portable smoke stopper laying in front of the door.



Door after Installtion of a Portable Smoke Stopper

The portable smoke sopper can be mounted very easily.

The door ist closed in the upper area, the lower area is covered by the textile fibre curtain. This curtain is made out of a very special material and has a lead cord at its base to optimize the behaviour in airflow. Airflow caused by the ventilator (PPV) should be allowed to pass underneath the curtain but smoke movement should be minimized. .

The textilbe fibre curtain can be disconnected to the metal frame of the smoke stopper to make the cleaning process more easy.

The textile fibre has to be mechanically very durable and needs a high resistance against heat and flames. It must be treated gainst dirt and water with a temperatur resistant impregnation.



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