A portable Smoke Blocking Device (also called "Smoke Stopper" / "BlockAid" / "PathMaster" / “Smoke Curtain”) can limit smoke spread in a building fire.

 This leads to:
   - less smoke in escape routes
   - more safety for civilians and firefighter
   - less fire development due to less air access to the fire
   - more effective and safer fire ventilation (and ppv/ppa)
   - less smoke damage


The benefit of this has already been shown
in more than 2345 real building fires!

Download a short article in English:  RSS-e.pdf

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Research Project in France
documents smoke spread during interior fire fighting:

new picture:

Portable Smoke Stopper in a Fire Test:

Multiple Fire Tests have been performed in March 2009.
The quality of the portable smoke stopper was good enough
to withstand a direct fire exposure for about 45 minutes.   

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